Apology Letter for Mistake

Apology Letter for Mistake: Seeking an apology is an art that everyone cannot do. After committing a mistake it is very much important to seek apology, it makes you a better person in life. We all commit mistakes, no one is perfect here. It’s fine if you make any mistake, but it’s not fine you don’t apologize for the mistake done. Keeping your ego up and not to apologize is not going to make any good to you. So, you must apologize for every mistake you make and then move forward in life. Well as I already told you that it is an art so, it needs to be done right. While apologizing we don’t find the right set of words. An apology should be made from the heart that can be expressed with right words so that the person to whom you apologize can get your feelings. Here we assembled some of the best samples for an apology letter for mistakes for different situations. Have a look at it.

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Depending upon situations, apology letters format as well as intend changes. Here you will find sample letters for some of the common situations that we all face and need to apologize. Scroll down and read and try to draft your own letter using the sample.


Apology Letter for Mistake at Work



Mr. (Name of the person)

Name of the Department

Dear Sir/ Ma’am

I am writing this letter to express my deepest apology for the misconduct done by me ( or by my team). Talking about the past record, I am a very dedicated and hardworking person with excellent performance records. I respect my company as well as my work very much.

It makes me feel sad to realize that this single mistake can ruin the entire performance that I have done so far with hard work.  I understand abide by all the rules and regulations of the company. I assure that from today no such mistake will happen and my dedication towards the work will be the same as it was earlier.

Please do forgive me for my actions

My sincere apologies to you and to the company, again


Your Name


Letter of Explanation for Mistake Made to Client

Sample 2:


Managing Director,


Dear Sir/ Ma’am

On the behalf of (name of your company), I owe a sincere apology for ( state the situation). We regret the inconvenience caused to you from our side. We never had an intention to create such an uncomfortable situation. I hope that together we can resolve the matter.

Please accept this apology letter from me on behalf of my company. I am sure that you will overlook this mistake of ours and we will have a wonderful business association as before. We are looking forward to working with you again and have a fruitful association with you in future as well.

Sincere Apologies to you again, 

Thanking You,

Your name

Name of your Company


Letter of Apology for Bad Behavior

Dear Sir, Ma’am

I am writing this letter to seek an apology from you for the mistake I have made. I am sorry for ( mention the mistake). I regret that I let you down but I promise that this won’t happen again in the future.

I can understand that how disappointing this whole situation has been for you and we also understand that you are now dealing with the repercussions of it. For all this inconvenience caused to you, I am very sorry.

It was my mistake and I take full responsibility for the same. I am taking all the necessary measures to ensure this won’t happen again. I hope you will accept my sincere apologies towards you (You can also include a token of gesture such as a gift).

If there is anything else that can be done from my side, please let me know.


Your Name

So these were few samples for how to write apology letter for a mistake for the different situation. Find the one that suits best to your need and draft your apology letter today. Also, do share it with your family and friends by clicking on the below Share buttons. Also, let us know about your experience after using these samples through the comment section.

All the Best!! 🙂

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