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Hello, all the boys out there. Here I am at your rescue. I know you are to get apology letter to girlfriend. You are at the right place. Today I am going to share few formats and ideas on how to get an apology from girlfriend ;). If you won’t prepare I can tell you that it is going to be a very tedious task, as girls don’t agree so early. When it comes to format there is no such formatting required but yeah few steps are there that you need to keep in mind. As all are very good with their memory and remember all the little things that you did or said to them.

So, let’s start our mission on making your girl feel like princess of this world.

Letter of Apology to Girlfriend

The apology letters can be for various situations either for fight, lying or for cheating or a normal letter. It could be any of the one. Here i have accumulated samples of all the types of letters, have a look and choose as per your situation.

Below are the two letters of apology one for when you had a fight and other one is for when you lied to your girlfriend. Take a look on both the samples of apology letters.


Apology Letter to Girlfriend after Fight


Dear Love ( or Girl’s Name )

I am Sorry 🙁 !!

I am very Sorry 🙁 !!

I am writing this letter to you cause i am feeling very sad thinking about that i hurt you and made you sad. I have realized that the fight was my fault and i promise you to never do such thing in future. I am aware with the fact that you always love me care for me and my happiness but all i did was very wrong.


Baby i feel so bad realising that how badly i behaved with you and also broke your heart. Believe me, i am also very hurt and sad about what happened last day. What i wanted to tell you with this letter that my love for you is real and you mean so much to me and i can do anything to see smile on your face, just command me my princess. Please forgive me last time and give me a chance to prove my love to you.

These are not only words, there i have written in this letter but these are true reflection of my feelings. I promise you i won’t hurt you anymore.

So, my princess, I am Very Sorry, please do forgive me and come back in my life once again as I Love You so much.

Yours Only

“Your Name”


Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Lying


Dear my Beloved, (or Girl’s Name)

I am aware with the fact that my lies have affected our relationship very badly. But I wanted you to know you that I still love you with all my heart and care for you. I know that it is difficult for you to forgive one more time, but my baby girl this will be the last time, i promise. Please forgive me, and give me a chance so that i can say sorry to you. Please my love, let’s give our relationship one more shot.

For my Love

“Your Name”


Other Apology Letters for Girlfriend

There can be more situations other than lying and fighting in which you may need to apologise your girlfriend. So let’s have a look on those situations and their sample apologising letter.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating


Dear Honey, Baby (Or Girl’s Name)

I thought that a letter can describe my love and sadness for hurting you at its best.

I am Sorry my Love

I am writing this leeter as i am not able to say sorry to you face to face as i am too very sad with my mistake. The worst part is that i have broken apart our beautiful relationship that i think will be same again as it was earlier. I am too afraid to face you and tell you this in person so i am pouring all my love and apologies in this letter

The damage that i have made in our relationship and to you is huge but somewhere in my heart i still feel that you will forgive and give me a and our relationship a chance to have a new beginning.

I promise you that in won’t let you down with my action ever again. I will give you all the happiness in this world. I understand my mistake and i am very very sorry for this. Please forgive me. My life is incomplete without you. Please come back to me my love

You are my only true love and my life

Yours (Your Name)


Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring Here


Dear Love,

My words are not enough to tell you that how sorry i am for ignoring you, but i truly hope that this letter will be a good start.

I apologize for ignoring you for so many times, but i want to tell you that i was not doing that intensionally it was only the fault of the situation (explain the situations) that resulted in the ignorance.

You are very important to me, and I regret more with very second that i hurt you. I was wrong and it was stupid and immature decision to ignore you.

When our relationship was started i promised to myself to never hurt you and give you all the happiness but my baby i failed and i failed both of us.

But trust me now i want to make amends. My baby i hope that you forgive me as i hate myself for realizing the situation a little late.

Please do call me whenever you get the chance.

Your Love,

(Your Name)


So these were the few situation in which as a boys you need to apologize to your girlfriend sincerely, and if you don’t want it to be a tedious one then try out one of the samples given above. If you find any of the above samples useful then let us know through comments section and also share it with your family and loved ones.

All the Best.

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