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Sometimes, the best way to say sorry and apologize is through writing a letter. And don’t take any risk in case of your wife????. So, if you really want to send an apology message to wife (your) and are looking for a sample apology letter then you are on the right page. Using the right set of words and the right format is necessary while apologizing to your wife. You know your wife very well, so you better know what will make her happy. You just need to pour out your inner feelings into the letter to make it worth. Let’s see what are different patterns of writing an apology letter to wife.

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How to Write An Apology Letter to Wife

Sample Letter 1

To my Lovely Wife,

I am very sorry for my behavior yesterday (mention day). I was confused and angry at that time to realize my mistake. I can understand your feelings and sadness that you are going through because of me. My intentions were not to hurt you but the situation was not good and I lost control over me and my emotions.

I know that I have committed such mistakes in the future too but I regret all those mistakes. I make all those silly mistakes but more than that I love you and care for you. I Love you more than anything in this world. Also, I am ready to face all your wraths as well as I deserve all this because I have hurt you so badly and any idiot will only do so.

But believe me, I love you very much and you are my life and I regret whatever I have done to you until the time. Please give me one more chance to prove my love to you.

You idiot yet very sweet husband 😉

(Your Name)

Apology Letter to Wife After Fight

Sample Letter 2

Dear my Lovely Wife,

I know that you are angry with me for what I have done (write an action that you did) and ignored you. I feel very stupid to commit such a mistake and make my angel angry but believe me, darling I didn’t intend to do so ever.

I wish I could reverse the time but this is also not possible. All possible is that you forgive me for my mistakes and we start living a wonderful life again together. I know that you deserve to be treated like a princess with all the care and love and respect. I promise to treat you like one and never commit such type of mistake again in my life. Please forgive me.

I Love You

Always and Forever Yours

(Your Name)

So, all the husbands out there, if you have done something to angry your life partner then use these sample apology letters to express your love again to her. I hope these letters will help you.. Do share it with your friends and family and also let us know about your experience through comments.

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