Apology Letter to Customer

Apology Letter to Customer: Customer Service nowadays is one of the most important factors in growing the business and reach new heights. This is a true fact that if a company is able to provide good customer service to its customer then they can have long-lasting relationships with them. Everyone loves to buy products or service with the company who have better customer support system.

As a company owner, you can understand that how important it is to have satisfied customer to have exponential growth of the business. But sometimes, due to mistake unintentionally there is a possibility that the customer is not satisfied with your service product. This may happen due to poor assistance, any latest system update, relocation of office etc. All these factors can adversely affect your business and your relation with customer and they might give negative feedback towards your company or service offered by you. So it becomes necessary for you then to apologize formally to the customer for the mistake being done.

To apologize you can send an apology letter to customer for the mistake. Here for your convenience, sample letter of apology to the customer is being provided, that you can easily download and edit as per your requirement.

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Sample Apology Letter to Customers

Dear (Name of the Customer)

Please accept our sincere apologies on the behalf of (company name). We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you with respect to (issue).

At (company name), we are proud to tell you that we work for 100% customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, we were unable to serve you at best and meet your and our own expectations. After reviewing your situation we found out that the inconvenience caused to you was due to ( write the cause of the problem).

Now, we have taken the certain steps to ensure that this will never happen again by (write remedial steps such as organizing training sessions, internal check team etc ).

(Mention if any additional action is required)

For the inconvenience caused to you by us, we are going to provide you ( mention some exciting offer that you can give).

We highly value our relationship with you and are deeply committed to providing you with the best services possible because customers always deserve best. If you have any further query or comments regarding the issue please let us know via email or phone (mention email or phone number).

Please do accept our apology

Yours in Service,

(Representative of Company)

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Sample Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service

Poor Customer Service is a very critical problem that one should must take care off, as customers are the one on which all of the work is based upon. If your customer is upset after a bad service then it’s your responsibility and very important to give the customer a sincere apology.Below is the sample from which you can take reference if you want to apologize your customer.

Dear (Customer’s Name),

On the behalf of (Company’s name), I sincerely want to apologise to you for the inconvenience caused to you from our agent, (agent’s name).

I realize that our customer service agent was unable to help you and was a bit rude to you due to which you had to face incovenience.  I can also understand your frustration at that moment. I understand the whole issue and also extend my apologies to you on the behalf of our customer service department.

Here at (company’s Name), we aspire to give our customer the best we can. Our customers are our priority and we have proved that in previous years, but this we have let you down for which i want to apologise to you.  We train our employees to treat our customers in the best way possible and also resolve their issues. We are happy that you brought the problem in our notice for which we can work with our team and watch upon that this doesn’t happen again.

I am personally looking this matter, and your feedback is valuable to us. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly as I will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


(Name of the person seeking apology)


Company’s Name

Important Points while writing Apology Letter


  • While apologizing say sorry and express sincere regret towards the mistake
  • Be specific and mentioned what happened
  • Specify the measures and steps that will be taken by the company to ensure this won’t happen again
  • Give customers your extra information such as email, phone number.


  • Be Vague
  • Blame someone else for the mistake and make excuses

So these were the sample apology letters to a customer that you can use and edit to draft one for yourself. Keep this thing in mind while writing the apology letter to maintain the polite language. If this sample helps you then do share it with your friends and family and also let us know about your experience through comment.

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